Skill of Wearing Earrings

The styles of the earrings are varieties. They can be classified into stick styles and hoop styles by frame, stud styles and dangling styles by type, circle styles, square styles, triangle styles and irregular styles by shape. They are shaped in different taste.

The skill of wearing earrings is to reach a perfect collocation. The essence of it is the combination of surrounding environment, personal feature, face shapes, hair styles, clothes, and so on. Here below are some short comments on it.

First point is about the earrings styles and the face shapes. The function of the earrings has great effect on modifying the faces. Round faces can suit for any kinds of long style earrings, which makes the faces graceful. They are not suitable for the round shapes, which will make the face fatter. If the faces are long, the round and big shape earrings are better to wear to plump the faces. Moreover, the tiny and cute stud shapes and long dangling shapes can modify the square faces.

Second point is about the color combination. The color of the earrings should be comply with the clothes. The similar color can show a harmonious impression to others. The opposite colors in proper collocation can also bring a perfect sight. The contrast between skins and earrings is also important. The dark skin can not suit for bright earrings, but the grey white is ok. For example, the pearl earrings can cover the dark skin, while the red agate or coral earrings can highlight the white skin.

Third point is the collocation of clothes. The main type is the career women, who can wear the pithy earrings to match their suits. Another type is the modern style. The exaggerated patterns, rough wooden materials and Gypsy styles earring are full of wild taste and freedom. The pearl earrings are much more suitable for the party dresses, which is noble, elegant and charming.

Last point is the proper hair style. Normally the long hair suits for long earrings, short hair suits for short earrings, the irregular hair style suits for the irregular earrings. Please note that the women with glasses do not wear big earrings. They can choose some tiny and cute earrings to be an ornament.

All in all, the wear of the earrings is a skill, which needs proper collocation according to the self condition. Then you can enjoy in it and become more beautiful and elegant.