Stay Stylish For The Winter

Choose a fashionable yet sturdy winter coat. It should be appropriate for the weather in the area. Browns, grays and blacks are often the best choices. While white can look stunning it takes extra effort to ensure it stays spotless or one’s style becomes dingy and drab. Choose a hat to complement the style.

Add a scarf. This inexpensive accessory is available in many different colors, fabrics and styles. It is essential to retaining body heat and can give the individual a put together look. The scarf should accent the coat or match the hat.

Gloves can prevent chapped hands. Most experts recommend thin, streamlined gloves. They should also match the hat or scarf in order to fit the outerwear color scheme.

Layer the inside clothes to stay warm without bulky knitted sweaters. Women can add a camisole under a tee or a favorite tank under a long sleeved shirt. For men, adding inexpensive white t-shirts can do the trick.

Select shoes that cover more skin. Save strappy shoes and flip-flops for warmer weather. Choose boots, ballet flats or cute tennis shoes. Men can benefit from heavier boots or their normal tennis shoes using thicker socks.

If a skirt or dress is required, add tights and thermal leggings. This looks more climate appropriate for formal situations, and protects skin on the legs from the drying effects of exposure to the cold. These accessories are available in many different varieties making it easy to find a pair to match both one’s personality as well as outfit.

Many find a bulky winter coat to be uncomfortable and unattractive. It may be possible to get by through layering summer clothes. Try a t-shirt under a long sleeved top, layered with a thin hoodie and finished with a cardigan. This is perfect for those who are somewhat tolerant to the cold, but not as ideal for those who have a difficulty with a slight chill.