Streetwear for Spring

Monochrome/Bold Stripes

Now’s the time to go out and get your hands on some black or white styles, so you can save yourself some money before the trend really takes off. This is one for the cash-strapped (which, let’s face it, in this climate is pretty much all of us); if you go for a black and white striped top, you’re incorporating two of spring’s biggest trends, so you get two trends for the price of one! If you have a fuller frame, stripes can be unflattering, but if you go for vertical thin stripes, this can actually elongate your frame, and give you the appearance of being taller and thinner. It’s difficult to pull off the black and white thick horizontal stripe, without looking like a burglar who’s lost his mask and swag-bag. So, whatever your size it’s best to stay away from this and instead stick to just a couple of single stripes over a solid background.


Accessories are where it’s at for spring-time 2013. The bag is this season’s accessory of choice; it must be stylish, with a high-end vintage feel, but the focus is all on storage space. For streetwear aficionados everywhere, 2013 is going to be year of the gadget. So, it’s vital to have a bag that’s as practical as it is fashionable, with lots of compartments, able to store and protect your growing accumulation of uber-cool gadgets.

Patterns/Bright colours

We are so pleased that bright colours and patterns are back this spring. But, best of all, we get to say hello again to our old friends – the Bermuda shorts! We’re having to pinch ourselves, because we can’t quite believe it’s true. But yes, Bermuda shorts are back and they’re better than ever. Try teaming a pair with a simple graphic tee and patterned snapback (Quintin currently have some awesome ones), to finish the look off. For girls, you can incorporate this trend into your spring style by infusing patterns and bright colours with a little bohemian embellishment – think beading and chunky jewellery, over some ragged denim cut-offs for a fresh, festival-chic look.