Sweat Dresses for Winter

For one, sweater dresses must be paired up with the perfect leggings. In fact, what you wear with these totally depends on your choice. For any dark or light colored sweater, black leggings may be ideal. You can also go for dark stockings, as long as they protect you from the winter chills. If you do not prefer wearing leggings at all, you can always go for jeans. In fact, skinny jeans are very commonly worn with sweater dresses. You just need to make sure that you match the right color with your dress. For example, while red skinny jeans are very popular, they should not be worn with a dress unless it is a black or grey one. Apart from this, you should always go for black, blue or grey jeans.

Sweater dresses are often seen as informal wear that can be handy when going to a party. This, however, may not necessarily be the case. Wearing leggings with a dress in a decent color can actually look very formal. In fact, going from a casual look to a formal one totally depends on your style. If you go for a beige sweater dress with black leggings and pumps or high heels, you would look extremely attractive while still being perfectly formal. On the other hand, bright colored sweaters paired up with up with colored leggings can create a very informal look. Therefore, there is no specific look that these dresses have to create.

The accessories that go with these dresses totally depend on your choice. When it comes to shoes, you can go for knee-high boots if you are wearing jeans. On the other hand, if you are wearing leggings, you can go for high heels or pumps. If you feel that you look too simple for a party or a night out, you can match a belt with your sweater. Ideally, your belt should be of a very moderate color. For example, a thin white belt can be perfect with a dark colored sweater dress. You should avoid those large belts, since they can take the attention away from the rest of your attire.