Custom Belt Buckles

Popular myth surrounding cowboy belt buckles make people believe that they were invented by the cowboys themselves. Fashion gurus know these amazing buckles were actually created by the Hollywood directors trying to update the style from common suspenders to the modern day flair of the belt and buckle. Although cowboys tried to distance themselves from glamor, the Hollywood producers wanted the actors to be fashion forward. Who would have realized what a hit these buckles would become today?

Depending on the statement you are trying to make with your outfit – you will have many different designs to match the style you are trying to achieve. If you have a date to go line dancing or a great country music concert, go for the sexy rustic style buckles. Finding one that is beautiful and hand crafted will add a unique … Read the rest

Making a Belt Out of Neckties

Your ties should be measured. Make sure that your necktie belt isn’t too large to fit through a regular belt loop so you want to have most loops with a maximum size. Due to this, the belt must measure two inches or less in width. Lay the ties face down on your level work surface. By using your measuring tape mark where the tie hits 2” in width. Now draw a horizontal chalk line. Repeat these steps with the second tie.

You must trim away all the extras. Cut off once you have marked the parts of your neckties that are too wide for the belt. You’ll be cutting off the bottom few inches of each necktie. Dispose of these pieces after they are cut off.

Connect the two ties. You can put your neckties together now at the right … Read the rest