Bikini Muffin Top

So in the last 5 years fashion trends have changed dramatically. Skinny is out, curvy is in so a little bikini muffin top is not a bad thing; it’s just part of the curves.

Most articles are going to tell you to go to the gym and do 10,000 sit-ups and run 10 miles three times a week until you can’t move and hate the gym.

We think differently, we think you should work out to stay healthy not to look great in your bikini, we think you look great already so simply stay healthy.

Now back to the point of this article, you have some bikini muffin top, rock it, it’s in style and most men think it’s attractive.

As for bikinis you have some options if you are concerned about it.

The string bikini is an excellent option, … Read the rest

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