Personalized Watches

Recognition and Incentive

Watches make the perfect gift to recognize an achievement or to provide incentive to reach a goal. The long-standing tradition of giving a gold watch to a retiring employee after years of service has fixed the watch as a status symbol in our culture.

Customizations to these recognition pieces might include a dial face embossed with the company logo and the employee’s name and a brief sentiment engraved on the back. The box too, can be modified to reflect the occasion. A glass display or custom velvet box sets off the uniqueness of the gift within and gives it an air of preciousness.

Show Your Spirt

School, fraternal, military and sports logos printed on a watch face let you show your affiliation and spirit. These watches can range from sophisticated to casual. For a more sophisticated look, … Read the rest

Cuff Watches

The wide range of new womens watches is now available in many colors and various sizes to help you in creating almost an instant style statement. Versatile and stylish, this range of watch is definitely not at all boring or mundane. No, these are certainly not designed for any particular gender, neither they do scream hoarse ‘high fashion’ from the rooftop, on the contrary they send the right air to define your attitude, style and sex appeal.

Typically designed while keeping the fashion forward ladies in mind, the leather band of the cuff watches are rather narrow and a bit more ornately designed to cater to her sheer feminine taste, however, most of the cool womens watches come with a unisex appeal.

The fashion world has been dashing about the style of the cuff watches for women. The designer watch … Read the rest

Info of Cartier Watches

The first timepiece Louis created was for a Brazilian friend called Alberto Santos-Dumont, who was an aviator. Until that time, pilots had to use pocket watches, which at times of emergency would prove impractical to refer to. A casual talk with his friend resulted in the creation of the first wristwatch for men. Louis attributed the watch to his friend and named it Santos wristwatch, which came for sale in 1911.

Since then the series of Cartier watches that rolled on the red carpet took the world by storm. Brands like Tonneau (1906), Tortue (1912) and Tank (1910) stood as fine testimonies to the ingenuity of Louis Cartier. Within no time, the timepieces of the company were revered throughout the world. Owning any of the watches of this company became a matter of status. There were even times when people … Read the rest