Thinning Scissors

Professional cosmetic stores sell this kind of specialized scissors which has a wide variety of types and prices that differs according to the shape and its quality. Inexpensive shears will tend to be less sharp than expensive ones. Thinning shears comes with different teeth designs. The more teeth the shears contains, the less hair that can be removed. The less teeth the more hair. Most often, these scissors are made up of stainless steel but sometimes mixed up with other metal called cobalt to help strengthen the scissors. In addition, the highest quality scissors are coated with titanium just to increase its sharpness and life as well.

Have you ever wondered why the one stylist could give you an amazing cut and the others cannot? More than likely, the better-quality cut was the cut that utilized by these kinds of shears.

The problem with such shears is that, it is quite easy to go overboard. Thinning on the wrong part of the hair shaft or thinning too much would lead to a disastrous hair cut. When it comes to thinning or texturizing, determination plays the key role. If the hair is thinned too much, you will be left with a bald spot. It may take several days for your hair to grow to cover the over-thinned area. At this point it should be mentioned that thinning shears should only be used by a licensed hairdresser who understands the best use of this specialized hair cutting tool.

Whilst, this tool is helpful to reduce bulginess in thick hair. Most important thing is, the tool is not appropriate for all type of hairs. The proper usage of this device helps to blend hair throughout the layers which will reduce sharp edges or unnecessary clumpiness with limited stress for the hairdresser.

Moreover, thinning scissors must not be used near the hair roots because the scissors will not adequately remove the volume. It also lets to create uneven spikes that will show through the rest of the hair. Bearing in mind when using thinning scissors, never remove too much hair. Otherwise, it would result in a stringy looking hairstyle.

Finally, it is suggested that there are more advanced techniques to thinning the hair and making different hairstyles using specialized thinning tool but are best left to the professional stylist or hairdresser. Also, it is recommended that these type of devices should never be used on the same hair for more than three times in a single year.