Tie a Winter Scarf

The first style is the balance scarf knot. This works with wool and cotton scarves that can deliver the winter feeling with their fringes. These complement loose and huge thermal wear. As the name of the style denotes, it truly balances your outfit. It relieves you of the heavy feeling you might get from a bulky jacket as well as add a little touch of fashion. You can apply this when you are outdooors. The best colors that work with this look are bright ones like green, pink and orange. For the men, they can still choose darker shades such as brown and navy blue. To achieve this look, place the scarf around your neck and make a knot when each side meet – the top end of your scarf encircles your neck through the back; the end covering coming from the behind passes through the space between your scarf and neck; alter a little to maintain exactly the same size through the two ends and keep the balance.

Another style good for wool and cotton scarves is the slim knot. Scarves with solid colors go well with turtle neck sweaters. It can also be worn with a coat. To add more taste to your winter wear, choose a two toned scarf. However, you must remember that the color of your coat or sweater should be simple and not too bright. Otherwise, it will be too bright to look at. The way of tying this is the same but the difference is it is altered whenever you use a different dress. How you can tie this particular knot will be the this: Cover your neck; create a knot behind your neck and then an additional knot from the front. The largest benefit is that it is easy to understand so that it is one of the simple tying knot for those heavy scarves. It is also quick as well as will save you time to the lazy males.

The graceful knot fits square silk scarves. If you scarf has patterns in it, select shirts with solid colors to match it. If it is plain, you can go with patterned tops. The workplace is the best place to wear these. For example, a purple colored winter scarf will go well with a light colored sweater. Make the scarf into a triangle by folding it into half.. Fold your silk scarf into a triangular shape after which roll it slightly from the lengthier side. Leave the large sufficient space for the next procedure. Place the triangular portion in front of the chest and create a knot behind. Get a good realignment to really make it sleek and delightful. How to tie a winter scarf need not be a tedious process as long as you know what kind of scarf you have.