Tricks For Maxi Dresses

pick according to your body type

There are different styles of maxi dresses, and each complements women with different body types. For petite women who have a shorter physique and are slim, the preferred choice will be the fitted dresses with minimal length. While fully figured women should buy the ones which complement their curve, hiding the trouble areas. Long and slim women should wear a loose and long dress. The basic fashion principles about colors and stripes are also applicable.

maxi dresses should not cover your feet

Due to the length and flow, they are hard to walk in. In order to make the dress more comfortable and practical, its length should not be more than your ankles. If it is, you should pin the dress up so that you find the length in which you can easily walk. Cut the extra part off after getting the desired length.

Play with accessories

The simple nature of maxi dresses allows you to accessorize them easily to make them look better and also complement your physique. Long Necklaces go well with such dresses, but the size of the necklace depends on the event as well. If it is a formal event, then a simple chain will be enough. For a day wear, sac like bags go well with such dresses.

choose the material according to the purpose

The material of the dress can make a big difference. Maxi dresses are suitable for both casual and formal wear, and the main difference between the two is of the material of which they are made. Casual wear dresses are made of cotton or other comfortable materials; while formal wear are made of silk, chiffon and other similar materials.

prefer neutral maxi dresses

Such dresses in neutral tones are better as compared to bright or patterned ones, because they suit all body types, and can be used with accessories to give different looks. In addition, neutral maxi dresses will last longer as they do not go out of fashion.

practice your walk

Once you get the dress, you should practice walking in it. This will not only make the dress more comfortable to be in, but you would learn how to walk in it without embarrassing yourself in public. All that you need to do is, put the dress on, and walk around in your room while wearing high heels.