Use a Head Scarf As a Bracelet

One unique and unexplored way of using a head scarf is to wear it as a bracelet. This hasn’t been as widespread as other scarf uses but is equally charming and chic.

Using a scarf as a bracelet is fairly simple. Many stores offer special bracelet scarves suited only for this purpose. These may be smaller than most head scarves and may be made with beads and other charms. However, you don’t need to buy a specialized bracelet scarf – your own head scarf will do. This is simply what makes the head scarf such a great accessory; you can use it in countless ways.

You can begin by folding your scarf to a desired size. Ideally, bracelet scarves should be half an inch to one inch in thickness at a minimum, for maximum visibility. You can do thicker widths but do not overdo them; they may look awkward if they are too thick. You can fold the scarf accordion-style or simply fold it as you would fold a typical napkin.

Then, tie the scarf into a single knot. You can opt to keep the knot visible on top of your arm, below it, or on the side of your wrist. Make sure that the knot is small enough so that the remaining ends of the scarf are long end can dangle freely on your hand. Ideally, the ends should be 3-4 inches long – anything longer will make the scarf look less like a bracelet and more like a leash or rope.

You can add a splash of pizazz by adding small accessories together with the bracelet scarf. You can add small brooches, for example, or pins of large roses or other flowers. Place this on top of the knot to cover it. Many clothing stores offer rose pins made of fabric, which you can place on different garments. They add a hint of coy femininity.

Other accessories that you can add are pearl or gold bracelets and charms. Printed and brightly colored scarves work great as bracelet scarves because they add personality to every look. However, you can also work with plain-colored scarves. If you want to go into a more creative look or have thin scarves, you can even use two scarves. Twist them together and from there tie them just as you would with a single scarf.

What type of clothing goes well with head scarves made into bracelet scarves? Bracelet scarves work best as casual wear, but they can also blend in well during more formal occasions.

Matching bracelet scarves are very similar to matching normal scarves, whether for the head, wrist or neck. This will depend on the type of fabric, color and even if there are prints on the fabric.

Try matching printed bracelet scarves with plain-colored blouses. Avoid wearing two printed items at the same time. If you want to create more cohesion in your entire ensemble, you can match the bracelet scarves with other smaller accessories, such as colorful belts or shoes. Lastly, bracelet scarves work well with sleeveless outfits and long-sleeved blouses.