Wear a Triangle Scarf


Place the wide corner of the scarf at your forehead just a little above your eyebrow. Place the ends of the wide corner of the scarf at the back of your head or at your nape. You can either loose the top flap of the scarf or tuck it under the knot at the back of your head.


Fold your triangle scarf until it forms a strip. Adjust its thickness depending on what style you want to achieve. Place the center of the folded scarf at the top of your head, just like a headband, and pull the ends at your nape. Secure the band by tying the ends together.

Peasant look scarf

Place the widest part at the top of your head. Bring down the ends under your chin and tie them together. This style great when you’re traveling and don’t want to ruin your hair style.

Neck scarf

You’ll need a stiff triangle scarf for this one because silk scarves won’t hold much for this kind of style. With the triangle at your chest, drape the triangle scarf around your neck and tie the ends at the back of the neck.

Hip wrap

This is a great cover up for any bathing suit or for belly dancing. Wrap the widest part of your triangle scarf around your hip and tie the ends at one side. Twist it to either side to your desired angle.


You need a large triangle scarf for this. Drape the widest part of it around your shoulders with the body of the scarf at your back. It should look like an inverted triangle at your back. You can tie the ends of the scarf at the front or let them fall on each of your arms.