Western Show Clothing

Color is key when deciding what you are going to wear out on the ring. You have to make sure your horse looks just as good as you do. Making an impression with your outfit, as well as your horses is a big part of the judging process.

Make sure before you pick the color that, it is appealing both on yourself and your horse. Remember your horse is a lot bigger then you and will stand out more, don’t be overlooked. You don’t want to be overly flashy but you want to be unique and stand out from the rest of the crowd

If you’re bottom-heavy, you might consider a dark chap color to minimize your thighs.

If you are on the taller side, a darker hat can visually compress you a little.

If you are busty, then layers are going to be your best friend.

If you are trying to create a bigger or more adult look go bold don’t be afraid of accessories.

Color is your friend, never be afraid to take chances on an outfit. Risk taking can be beneficial to your success in a horse show competition. The more you pride yourself in your appearance the more judges will take notice.

There are many different ways to boost your look. Make-up and jewelry make a big difference when showcasing your horse. Don’t over do it with the make up and don’t wear any jewelry that could possibly snag your outfit or worse harm your horse. The last thing you want to do is hurt your partner in the ring.

Speaking of material, make sure you pick an outfit that made out of quality fiber. You don’t want to wear something that will irritate your skin or cause you to perspire too much. Judges will notice all the details and that will be one of them.